Journey Home Liberia

The 2nd Annual Journey Home Festival is an opportunity to visit Liberia West Africa, what is known as the Door of Return to experience the culture, lifestyle, and entrepreneur opportunities of the ONLY country in the world created by African Americans.

In the early 1800's thousands of African American and African Caribbean freeborn and former slaves left the United States to the West Coast of Africa under the ACS (American Colonization Society) to repatriate back to Africa and be relieved of the inequality of the post slavery Americas. The Journey Home Festival is an opportunity for travelers, tourists, and investors from the West to celebrate this moment in history.

The Journey Home Festival objective is to bridge the gap between African American, African Caribbean, and African Europeans to travel to West Africa, specifically Liberia in 2021.

The purposes of this annual journey is to not only tour the cultural sites and beauty of Liberia, which we will do. But also to create sustainable economic actions both for profit and non-profit on the ground by this group of Africans in the Diaspora that will create jobs and value addition in key focus sectors including residual income for these investors.

The Journey Home Festival plans on achieving these goals by engaging,
entrepreneurs, profitable businesses, Ministers, Senators, Super-Intendents,
NGO’s, INGO’s, Non-profits and charitable organizations in the Education, Law,
Real Estate, transportation and Agricultural sectors to foster relationships with
our Investors and Philanthropists on the ground in Liberia.

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